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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Hairstyle

Lindsay Lohan was born in Cold Spring Harbor, New York on July 2, 1986. Lindsay Lohan is fierce with her red hair, this triple threat sings, acts, and models. Lindsay always knows how to look fashionable with her best hairstyles. Lindsay's hair colors range from her signature red hair to daring blonde highlights. This Georgia Rule start knows how to look hip and cool as well as elegant depending on the occasion. Lindsay has medium length to long hair, which makes it great for the New York native to wear her hair in any kind of weather conditions.

Lindsay's hairstyles consist of loose end curls, soft jagged waves, parted bangs and simple up sweeps to flipped curls. Rumors will definitely start when you take a look at Lindsay's blonde tresses that range from razor cut bobs with full bangs to long and layered cuts with darker blonde highlights, and low ponytails with loose end curls. Blonde bombshell or fiery red Lindsay's hairstyles always have flair and pep to them making them a great look for her style.

To have hair like this "Just My Luck" star, it will be just your luck if you can get that brilliant red color that makes Lindsay look so unique or you can stick to natural blonde or dye your hair blonde with highlights just as Lindsay does. Lindsay is always on the tube or in a magazine, she may be promoting a new movie or album or maybe in the tabloids for well lets just say going through growing pangs. Lindsay looks stunning at the 2006 CFDA Fashion Awards with this long style. I am certain you will see Lindsay in the media sometime during the months; therefore you can get your hairstyles to look just as fearless as Lindsay too!

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