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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blazers for spring

Asos Gingham Blazer retails for $58.73 and is a good bargain if you'd ask me. Its fitted and short just the way i like it although some of you might not. Gingham is a good bargain for spring and i love this color. I love the way the buttons on the shirt are done up,so du jour right now.
Asos Chambray Blazer retails for $66.08. Take notice of the handkerchief pockets and the rest i love the casual chic feel. Another good investment for you sartorial armoury.

Asos Stripe Blazer retails for $58.73. Gucci has this exact kind of blazer in their cruise 09 collection and that goes for $500 upwards can't really remember the price. So that shows you how relevant this might be to your wardrobe.

Gifts for Woman - a Perfume Gift Set and Wii Fit Game

Holiday season is fast approaching and everyone’s thinking about what to give to their family, friends, and special someone. For keen shoppers like you, absolutely you can find vast range of gift ideas available at online stores. All you have to do is skim through the internet and look for the best deals. If you are particularly looking for the perfect present for a woman, either to your mom, wife, sister, or colleague, among the perfect gift ideas you can give this holiday season is a perfume gift set. You might think that a perfume is an expensive buy, but never fret as there are countless good price comparison sites out there that offer quality yet affordably priced perfume sets. You can really save much of your cash if you have just landed to the right store. Other ideal gift idea is a Wii Fit game from Nintendo. Wellness and fitness are the newest craze these days thus purchasing this fitness gadget will definitely awe anyone who receives it as a gift. Women today are vain when it comes to their looks and how they feel inside and out. For this reason, considering top quality yet low-priced fragrance collection or fitness gadgets are the best gift ideas this holiday seasons.

The Adidas "Wicked Choice," a collection for girls!

The Adidas "Wicked Choice," a collection for girls!

From April 7 2008, Foot Locker shops spoil girls addict with baskets by offering a new line of innovative and stylish sneakers shock and of course fashionable.

The series Adidas Wicked Choice pays tribute to the personality of each sneaker girls by offering original 8 models very different from each other.
Chic, funky or full-color, all tastes are in nature and you will inevitably find a pair that will turn you:
Glamor with the sneaker Mid Honey Lust, Hype with the Superstar Clear Pride or Nu-Rave with the Gazelle Sleek Gluttony, in short fashion and they are going to rage!

With a slim or baggy, shorts or mini, whatever your look, "wicked choice will necessarily your style.
The exclusive collection adidas Wicked Choice will be available in the Foot Locker shops at prices between 59.99 and 89.99 euros.

Dita Von Teese designs a collection for Wonderbra

One knows Wonderbra for innovation that the brand brings to the world of lingerie, it also knows Wonderbra advertising campaigns that are not marked minds.Much more than just lingerie, below the Wonderbra became cultissimes.

Today Wonderbra, the forerunner expected and recognized expert, recidivism in the art of surprise and presents a collection achieved hand in hand with the delicious and surprising ... fashion icon Dita Von Teese, the queen spent stripping arty.Encountering an icon of ultra-trend and the expert made the cut sparks.Two sisters complementary souls unite to create below looks boosters shapes.Beautify the woman with a touch of impertinence, this is the wish of the two accomplices for this collection magic Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese available in Europe only.

Dita Von Teese ambassador sophisticated sensuality and unconditional lingerie collector has inspired its own bottom and left to speak his desires for a truly personal creation expressed by single Finery daring and retro accents.The goddess of the burlesque itself confesses: "I've always been a fan of Wonderbra."Imagine and design its own line of lingerie is for Dita Von Teese a dream girl come true.The queen of burlesque has worked together with the king of curves and effects to create a lingerie like it and would be proud to wear. Dita Von Teese was inspired by the vintage style and retro lingerie to draw his favorite details and them to the taste of the day.

An ultra-glamorous collection with a very marked the golden age of Hollywood, she reinterprets taste with the impertinence of Pin up 50 years of Victorian corset.A lingerie wink therefore but equally sexy, sophisticated and ultra-feminine.Elegance tinged with indecency, a sophisticated image, photos sublime ... Culte !! Worship!

Available in September
This collection consists of 3 lines:
- Line SATIN-Tees, Line SPOT-Tees, Line MULTI-TEES
Price: Bra (from 55.20 €) - Slip (from € 27.60)

Damien Hirst and Levi’s release Jeans collection featuring original artwork

T-shirt and pair of jeans featuring original artwork by Damien Hirst, via BlackBook

Damien Hirst has teamed up with Levi’s to produce ‘Damien Hirst x Levi’s x Warhol Factory Collection,’ a series of limited edition jeans, t-shirts and denim jackets. The collection features over 12 pieces featuring motifs and aesthetics found in Hirst’s art: tropical butterflies, skulls, and an array of spin-painted colors. Buyers can expect to find the collection at a select group of Levi’s stores in major global cities as well as fashion boutiques. T-shirts start at $83, while jeans will retail at $230. There is also a series of spin painted jeans in Levi’s signature 501 style, which will only be available via silent auction in key cities in Asia, Europe and North America–for price tags in the range of $23,000.

Art Star Damien Hirst Creates New Levi’s Jeans [Women's Wear Daily]
Damien Hirst x Levi’s x Warhol Factory [Denimology]
Introducing $23,000 Denim, Courtesy of Damien Hirst [BlackBook]

Selecting The Right Color For Lingerie

Many people feel that there are certain benefits and beliefs, which are associated to every color of the rainbow from red to purple to green to black.

Throughout history black has been seen as the most controversial color, which is actually the absence of color. For some individuals they associate the color black with death, while others feel that it symbolizes power and mystery. However, in the fashion world black has always been a favorite color of many designers due to its slimming effects on the body and the touch of sophistication that it can add to an individual.
The color red is seen as a very intense and extreme color, which will get immediate attention for you. Red symbolizes love, warmth, blood, heat, fire, and passion. It has even been found that the color red actually has the ability to raise a person's blood pressure and also has the ability to increase the appetite. When a woman wears lingerie in the color of red, then they have the ability to give the perception of power, happiness, anticipation, desire, excitement, and energy.

On the other hand, the color white is seen as cool, and gives off the appearance of being cool and refreshing. White stands for purity and innocence. White also represents cleanness and is used to convey cleanliness by doctors, nurses, and hospital staff every where. Having that light airy feeling can be had by wearing the color white in lingerie.

Wearing pink lingerie can make that special some one in your life feel calm, softhearted, and tranquil. Pink is considered to be the most romantic and tender color in the color spectrum. It is also the most feminine color, and it tends to trigger thoughts of bubble gum, cotton candy, and little girls, because every thing is basically nice and sweet. Studies have been done that suggest the color pink actually shows a weak person.

With both genders, blue is seen as the most popular color. It symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and trust, which is why police officers dress in blue. When going for a job interview, it has been proven that the best color to wear is blue. When you want to produce a calming effect, then blue is the color to wear. Studies have shown that the darker shades of blue actually has the same effect as black.

Bright yellow is known to be associated with cheerfulness and happiness, however, you need to be aware that this color may hurt the eyes of others when they look at it. This is why the softer shades of yellow tend to be easier on the eyes. Yellow lingerie tends to give off the appearance of playfulness and an easy going attitude.

Green symbolizes nature such as rain forests, leaves, and peace, as well as luck, money, renewal, hope, and youth. On a more emotional scale, green is considered to be neutral and can evoke the feelings of freedom and acceptance. Some individuals see the color purple as being artificial, but it is symbolic for luxury, wealth, and royalty. Purple evokes feelings of passion, sensitivity, and romance.

Orange is seen as the color for couple that like to eat in bed. It is also associated with contentment, wholesomeness, and warmth. Orange even has the ability to arouse a person's appetite. The color brown is seen as earthly and woodsy. It creates the ambiance of strength, maturity, and solidity. Studies prove that men men wear brown more than women, because it creates an open atmosphere.

By: Victor Epand

Article Directory:

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for lingerie. Please visit these sites when you are looking for lingerie and hosiery, sexy party lingerie, and lingerie colors.

Levis Jeans Are Great For Dressing Up And Dressing Down

Levis Jeans are some of the oldest denim jeans still offered today. The company was started in 1853 and in the more than 150 years since its conception, the company has learned how to provide jeans to every consumer for just about every occasion imaginable. Levi's are great for every occasion ranging from a lazy day at home, going out shopping, out to dinner, and even out for the evening with friends. Paired with the right top and the right shoes and accessories you can take your Levi's from very formal to very informal.

Dressing down your Levi's is really simple because you don't have to do anything. Your favorite tee shirt and your favorite flip flops or tennis shoes and you're ready to go just about anywhere. Out shopping, to the kids activities, out for a casual day with friends, and more you'll find that a pair of Levi jeans will take you a long way. If you have just one pair you will find that you can pair them with all of your favorite shoes and shirts and get that casual look and feel that you love in a great pair of jeans. Better yet, your jeans will be comfortable enough that you can really relax.

Of course, you can always dress your jeans up, too. These jeans lend themselves to dressing up because they come in a lot of different cuts that really make them fun to dress up just a little bit. You can take the same pair of jeans that you dress down or wear on an every day basis to go out and about with the family, run errands, go shopping, or anything else and pair them with a different top. Pair your favorite pair of Levi's jeans with a dressy pair of shoes, a nice shirt, a belt, and some accessories and you have a completely different looking pair of jeans than you had earlier in the day. It's nice to know that you have one pair of jeans in your closet that can get you from the beginning of the day to the end, all the while looking great.

While you can dress up a lot of different brands of jeans, Levi's are known for their versatility. You can choose the cuts that you like in many different colors or washes you so you know that you always have something in your closet that can look good with a t-shirt and tennis shoes or with your dressiest shirt and a nice pair of dress shoes. Your favorite pair of Levi's are perhaps the only bottoms in your entire wardrobe that you can pair with just about any pair of shoes, accessories, and top and know that you can step out of the house looking good. If your Levi's are clean, chances are you will have something nice to wear!

By: Caitlina Fuller

Article Directory:

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. Levis Jeans are some of the oldest denim jeans still offered today. The company was started in 1853 and in the more than 150 years since its conception. Pair your favorite pair of Levi's jeans with a dressy pair of shoes, a nice shirt, a belt, and some accessories and you have a completely different looking pair of jeans than you had earlier in the day.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tudung Fashion

Tudung is a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women in Malaysia. Tudung conceals the hair but not the face. That the main different between tudung and hijab.

In some Arabic-speaking countries and Western countries, the common meaning of hijab currently is of "modest dress for women," which some Islamic legal systems define as covering everything except the face and hands in public.Since the 1970s, hijab has emerged as a symbol of Islamic consciousness "and an affirmation of Islamic identity and morality" in opposition to "Western materialism, commercialism, and values.

Malaysian calls ‘hijaab’ or ‘headscarf’ - tudung. Malaysian women loves to obsess about their ‘tudung’. Resulting in thousands of type of ‘tudung’ that has ‘musim’ and ‘expiry date’ and has local celebrity-tagged name like ‘tudung Mawi’ (although Mawi obviously does not wear tudung) and ‘tudung Wardina’ (supposedly because she wears her tudung in that style).

Here in Malaysia, tudung or hijab has become part of fashion trend.

My Fashion Blogs Launched

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