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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Band Jacket Trends

The marching band jacket trend is one that has been reported all across fashion blogs, but it's new looks like the one above right that are catching my attention. New and altered styles of the school days throwback are showing up on the streets and the runway, and mixed into outfits in a variety of styles, from clean and classic to grunge, and even hip-hop.

Different versions of the marching band jacket trend have been rocked by musicians Chris Brown, Chris Martin of Coldplay, and Brandon Flowers of the Killers. It's no surprise that performers have latched onto this trend that is reminiscent of many artists' own musical roots.

The band jacket is a slightly more fun and upbeat version of the military jacket, and a dramatic addition to your winter or spring wardrobe.

Kim Kardashian Summer Fashion

ired of seeing and reading about Kim Kardashian yet? I am, too – kinda – although even I am guilty of gawking at her style choices pretty often. Overrated or not, you gotta admit that Kim Kardashian is one of the trendiest gals in Hollywood right now. Among the “F” words she’s associated with – “faux” being one of them because she’s always wearing those long false eyelashes – I happen to think her wardrobe is “fierce” and “fabulous”. For that reason I am doing this expose on some of Kim Kardashian’s choice summer fashions.

I predict that metallics will lie to rest after this summer but that doesn’t stop Miss Kardashian from rocking this metallic gold tube dress striped in black with black peep toe pumps. The small black clutch is a perfect accessory to this tiny slim-fitting dress. Pairing metallic clothes with basic black pieces ensures your look won’t be too clash-y.

Along with bell bottom flares, high-waist wide-legged pants have been seen all over the place since last fall. Victoria Beckham is also a repeat offender of this trend. I love how Kim pairs these high-waist wide-legged jeans with a grey button-up top to make it chic, yet has rolled-up sleeves and the bottom all tied up to show just the right amount of skin on a fair summer night. Again, the accessories are on point: metallic silver stacked bangles, a silvery grey clutch, and metallic silver gladiator sandals complete Kim’s wide-legged look.

Pucci- and Missoni-style prints seem to emerge season in and season out in some form and this summer it’s all about bright print dresses. Kim Kardashian pairs this Mint print dress with velvety brown peeptoe pumps for a totally fun and refreshingly non-skintight summer ensemble.

It’s somewhat shocking to see Kim in such a… classy, long, snow white eyelet dress with matching handbag and white lace-up platforms. Still, Kim keeps it Kim-style with a revealing bust, although the flipped collar maintains this more tasteful, demure look.

Emo Fashion for Boy

Becoming an emo fashion boy with some cool funky clothes and hairstyles is the hottest thing that makes a boy stand out. Although black is the emo base color, you can be creative in adding highlights to your hair and clothes with some hot electric or neon colors.
For your hair to give out a fashion statement, you can have it long with colored streaks or spike and texture it for style with long fringes. You have to keep your hair styled at all times in the best way you can, to be a highly fashionable emo boy. Do not let your hair become dirty with scruffy cuts and off colors that are nowhere near emo style.

You can try becoming a emo music lover by listening and wearing emo band music and clothes. Tight black jeans with black t-shirts or hoodies portray an emo look. You can even use accessories to complement your emo nature with fashionable emo belt or studs. Contrasting colored ties can also be worn. Emo fashion boys can do some light makeup or use nail paints to enhance their emo looks.

Be creative and inventive in displaying your emo looks. Your emo style should give an overall feeling of being an emo. As an emo fashion boy, along with your outer appearance, you have to truly believe in being an emo from inside too. Avoid general gossip, be genuinely thoughtful, and think deep. Learn to converse intelligently and try bringing out your true emo self to become a emo fashion boy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Emo Hairstyle

Emo hair is popular among fashion lovers. Emo hair style mainly depends on personal choice and the most important characteristic of emo hairstyles is that they are colored in unique hair colors such as pink, violet or blonde. Lighter colors like white blonde, purple and green are also common with emo hairstyle lovers, especially girls, however black hair color still prevails!
Emo hairstyle for emo boy.

Emo hairstyles have straight and untied hair, flowing freely covering the forehead and left or right eye. Emo hairstyles are characterized for they are mono directional. One side of hair is longer than other side of hair.

In Emo cuts wicked clips and bands are considered stylish but they are used to give hairstyle a messy look. Emo hairstyle can also be made on short hair by spiking them up with hair gels. Short mullets are also characterized as an emo hairstyle. Emo hair is basically short from the back and long from the front and the sides.

Shaggy hairstyle is also popular as “emo shags” and is loved by mostly girls. Layered look is also an important characteristic of emo hairstyle. Some of the important characteristics of emo haircut are one-sided fringe and short spiky emo hair.

Emo hairstyle is often characterized for having random splurges of uniquely coloured highlights. Emo hairstyle has uneven layers. Emo hairstyles can give the sexiest look to your appearance for their chic and unique appeal.
coloured highlights

Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Second CR7 Store in Lisbon

Manchester United and Portugal superstar Cristiano Rolando opened his second Portugese CR7 brand store in Lisbon on October 7, 2008. So if the Manchester United #7 jersey is not enough for you soccer metrosexual types, head to one of the brand CR7 stores for Ronaldo-inspired man purses, studded belts, jeans with leather pockets and patent buckled loafers. Everything in Ronaldo’s collection includes large metal emblems of his initials and team number 7 in clear view. CR7’s slinky outfits for women (as selected by the Ronaldo sisters) are must haves for all aspiring WAGs.

The opening of the Lisbon store follows last April’s store opening in Ronaldo’s home town of Funchal in Madeira. Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores and siblings Hugo, Telma and Katia attended the opening. Portuguese actress and singer Luciana Abreu was also present. She’s rumoured to be Ronaldo’s new babe by the British tabloids.

Move over David and Victoria Beckham.